Thirsty Cub


Our final afternoon and evening game drive in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve was special in several ways.

During our week-long stay, lions had not been prolific.

Late into the afternoon, we located the Talamati Pride, which consists of one dominant pride male, three females and five cubs.

In the early hours of the morning, under the cover of darkness, the pride had taken down a wildebeest and enjoyed a big meal.  When we found the pride, the lions were full and exhausted, and they were not doing much.

When one of the cubs stood up and headed to the water for a drink in the rapidly fading light, it was a perfect moment.

Published on Sunday, 6 November, 2022.


Date Friday, 4 November, 2022
Time 5:52pm
Camera Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
Lens Canon EF 300mm f/2.8L IS USM
Focal Length 300mm
Aperture f/5.6
Shutter Speed 1/250th of a second
ISO 3,200
Exposure Mode Manual
Subject Distance 25.50m




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