I am an enthusiastic photographer, on a strictly hobbyist basis.

My photography journey began in the 1980s with film, and I switched to digital photography in 2002.

I have photographed various subjects over the years, but as I developed as a photographer, I discovered that I was most interested in photographing architecture, cityscapes, landscapes, portraits, seascapes, still life and wildlife.

My ambition is to capture striking images of appealing and interesting subjects in great light, and I have been fortunate enough to pursue my passion in Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe and North America.

In addition to the rewarding places, people, subjects and adventures that I have experienced, other highlights of my photographic endeavours include the publication of one of my images on the cover of Australian Photography magazine, publication of a feature article in another edition of that magazine, and invitations to photogaphy clubs as a guest speaker and judge.

The 1,949 images in my gallery, photographed over an 18-year period from 2005 to 2022, were captured in Australia, Czechia, England, Israel, Kenya and South Africa.

I have also written 317 articles over a 14-year period from 2010 to this year, and published eight videos.

My work can also be found at 500px, Flickr, Instagram, Model Mayhem, Vimeo, WordPress and YouTube.

I capture my images with Canon full-frame DSLR cameras and wide-aperture prime lenses, which suit my style and subject matter interests.