Articles - November, 2015

RIP Ximpoko

I recently learned some tragic and disturbing news, and further reading today has confirmed that it is true.  Ximpoko, a very large male lion who inhabited the Timbavati region of Greater Kruger National Park in South Africa, was killed by trophy hunters in July of 2013.  Ximpoko was one of the first male lions we ever [ continue reading ]

Lens Cleaning Tip

Today I decided to drag out my lenses and give them a clean.  They really did not need much in the way of cleaning, as I always keep them clean, and generally give them a clean after use if the nature of the shoot warrants it.  When I looked at one or two of my [ continue reading ]

The 50mm Focal Length: Boring

For years I have held a strong distain for the 50mm focal length.  Inexplicably, I hitherto had never ranted about it here.  To me, 50mm is an utterly useless and boring focal length, and I do not quite understand why so many people bother with it.  On the 35mm camera system, 50mm is considered a 'standard [ continue reading ]