Articles - February, 2012

Time Changes Perspective

Often when reviewing images upon my return from a photography session, I have a clear idea of which images are the winners that will be processed and published, and which will be skipped.  However, I have found — especially after one recent photoshoot — that some time away from one's images can change one's perspective [ continue reading ]

Calvin Hollywood's "Freaky Detail"

A German photographer by the very cool name of Calvin Hollywood some time ago devised a Photoshop post-processing technique called "Freaky Detail".  Hollywood's technique intensifies local contrast and brings out details.  It is very handy when applied to subject matter such as rock shelves, timber jetties, or any other weathered, texture-laden surface whose details you [ continue reading ]

A Sign of Things to Come

This morning we headed to Cronulla for a dawn shoot and breakfast I had organised, with 20+ other seascape photographers.  Today's dawn was moody, a tad chilly, and largely devoid of colour.  The conditions turned out to be a sign of things to come, as this afternoon there was a massive thunderstorm over our place, and [ continue reading ]

Photographic Purgery

I have just been purging — that is, the culling of no-longer-desirable photographic images from my gallery, not the more serious meaning of the word.  This morning when looking through my gallery, I saw some older images of mine, and started to think about culling them.  It can be quite difficult to look back on [ continue reading ]