Articles - January, 2012

Gold in the Doldrums

This morning Xenedette and I headed to Long Reef on Sydney's northern beaches, where we were to meet up with over 30 (yes, thirty) other photographers for a dawn seascape shoot followed by breakfast.  The morning looked to be promising, and Long Reef has traditionally been a location where I have achieved very pleasing images; but [ continue reading ]

The Making of "The Smoking Gun"

Almost five years ago to this date, an old Flickr contact of mine, Rich Legg, created a photographic image of a smoking gun.  I was impressed, and I commented on his image at the time.  I recently decided to have a go at this type of shot myself, and did so today.  Rich used a [ continue reading ]

Whale of a Cascade

This morning I met up with around 15-20 other seascape photographers for a dawn shoot at Whale Beach and breakfast at Newport afterwards.  It was an epic seascape shoot, with people everywhere.  We managed not to get in each other's way, which is quite something, given the number of shutterbugs.  Fortunately, there is plenty of [ continue reading ]

Do Not Put Your Life on the Line

With my recent re-ignition of my passion for seascape photography, it is a good time to remind people of the dangers of seascape photography.  Back in 2010, I published an article on Tips for Safe Seascape Photography.  Earlier tonight, I encountered the following Australian-produced video segment, hosted by Andrew Ettingshausen, about rock fishing safety.  While the [ continue reading ]

Mona Vale Pool Revisited

Before dawn this morning, I met up with Brent for a seascape shoot at Mona Vale pool.  It has been quite a while since I photographed one of Sydney's ocean pools.  A few years ago I was working on a project to photograph all of Sydney's ocean pools.  I shot 23 of the 30 ocean [ continue reading ]

The Great Cathedral by the Sea

Since Saturday's rewarding dawn shoot at Cathedral Rocks (about 90 minutes away), I have processed and uploaded two more images.  The most dramatic image from the shoot would have to be this image: All of the elements were aligned: the sky was moody, the water was flowing, and the rocks were colourful and texture-laden.  I [ continue reading ]