Articles - July, 2011

To Shoot or Not to Shoot

I headed out for a dawn seascape shoot this morning, and to my disappointment, the conditions were appalling.  The sky was mostly plain, with the fairly typical annoying clump of dark cloud right on the horizon.  The very few patches of good cloud were mostly in the wrong places.  The conditions, apart from being utterly [ continue reading ]

Post-Processing Tutorial: Water Intensification

It has been a while since I published a post-processing tutorial, so given I am home, sick in bed today, and given I feel like sharing some of my post-processing techniques, now is as good a time as any.  The name of the technique I will explain is "Water Intensification".  It is a technique I [ continue reading ]

Stormy Lurline

Yesterday at my Lurline Bay dawn seascape shoot, I concentrated on a small number of compositions in my quest for strong images.  Thus far, I have published two images from the shoot.  The following image was captured earlier in the morning than the previous image I published, but in my view, and apparently in the [ continue reading ]

Lurline Bay Cascade

This morning, Xenedette, Peter, Jo and I headed to Lurline Bay.  This was my first seascape shoot since December, and my first dawn shoot since September.  I had been taking a long break from dawns and seascapes, but felt like venturing out again this weekend.  Here is one of three or four compositions on which [ continue reading ]