Articles - January, 2011

A New Sense of Direction

For the past few months I had been very much disconnected from photography.  I was not shooting; I was not meeting with like-minded people; and I was not reading or posting much.  Last year I did gain some inspiration, and very recently (only this week) was inspired by the HDR images of one of the [ continue reading ]

Darling Harbour by Twilight

Last night I had plans for some twilight photography.  This is one of the images that I shot: This image has been given HDR treatment with Photomatix Pro, with four exposures used to composite the HDR image.  Post-processing included: increasing overall exposure; manually blending parts of the lightest exposure into certain parts of the [ continue reading ]

Queen Victoria Building Interior - HDR

In my previous article I discussed how I was inspired to experiment with HDR imaging.  Since that article, I have bought a Photomatix Pro licence and produced my first HDR image from a series of seven bracketed images I shot of the same scene inside Sydney's Queen Victoria Building early this morning.  The images are [ continue reading ]

Experimenting with HDR Imaging

I recently saw some fantastic images of the interior of a cathedral, which had been given HDR (high dynamic range) processing in Photomatix, and which exhibited fantastic, realistic detail, tones and colours.  HDR imaging has a rather bad reputation in photography circles due to the tendency for many people to completely overcook images, which results [ continue reading ]

New Camera Bag: Lowepro Nova 190 AW

After having 'Lowepro bag for light travel' on my list of things to buy for a year or two, today I finally purchased said camera bag.  Hitherto, my camera bag rig consisted of a Lowepro Mini Trekker AW and an often-used 12-year-old shoulder bag which needed replacement.  I also have a Crumpler 5 Million Dollar [ continue reading ]

Annie Leibovitz at the Museum of Contemporary Art

Tomorrow we are heading into town to see the Annie Leibovitz exhibition at the at the Museum of Contemporary Art.  It is a good opportunity to see the work of this famous photographer, and is priced quite affordably.  Afterwards we may toodle over to the Powerhouse Museum for the 1980s exhibition.  It is slightly frightening [ continue reading ]