Articles - October, 2010

Temporary Hiatus

Of late I have found that I have not had much inspiration for, or interest in, photography.  I have not shot much, I have not published much, and I have not written much, either here or on a photography forum I frequent.  I am not feeling inspired to even read the forum or some unread [ continue reading ]

Dead Battery Charger

I am not having much success with technology lately.  Last week my laptop's hard disk decided to fail.  The other day my Canon EOS 5D Mark II's battery charger also decided it would stop working.  The notion of continuity of operation simply does not apply to me.  When I plug the charger into the mains [ continue reading ]

First Timer at Motorsport Photography

Today I took a very significant deviation from my photographic subject matter interest and photographed motorsport.  Back in July a good friend of mine invited me along to photograph the iRace Round 7 meet at Eastern Creek International Raceway.  Now, I am not particularly interested in sports, know practically nothing about motorsport and have no [ continue reading ]

Back Online with a New Hard Disk

After my recent hard disk woes, my computer is back online.  Yesterday I booked an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar and took my machine there.  I explained to the rep the system freeze I had experienced during an innocuous operation, and that during my diagnosis the disk repair utility decided it could not repair [ continue reading ]

Semi-Offline for a While

I will be semi-offline for an unknown period of time.  Tonight after returning from an interstate trip my MacBook Pro decided to lock up during a browser bookmarking activity and it refused to boot after I powered it off.  It sits at the grey screen indefinitely.  I tried repairing the disk, and the disk repair [ continue reading ]

iPhone Alarm Bug during Daylight Savings Time

This week I discovered an annoying problem with the alarm clock built into the iPhone.  Last night I had the alarm set to 6:50pm, but it went off one hour earlier.  This afternoon I tried setting it for a specified time, and discovered it did not go off at the specified time.  I looked around [ continue reading ]