Articles - September, 2010

The Making of "Riedel"

A couple of years ago I created a simple still life image, which I still enjoy viewing.  The image is titled Riedel.  Here it is: As simple as the image appears, so, too, was the work that went into creating it.  It is surprisingly straight-forward.  The image consists of four Riedel wine glasses.  I photographed [ continue reading ]

Maroubra: Calm yet Wild

Today and tonight I attended the first day of Kajo's seascape workshop.  This is the first of what I gather will be many.  Our location for tonight was Mahon Pool and the surrounding rock shelves at Maroubra.  This is a location I have shot twice before (incidentally, once with Kajo), but I had not been [ continue reading ]

Off-Camera Flash Environmental Portraiture Workshop

Brent Pearson has just recently announced a new workshop that he has developed, which teaches landscape/seascape photographers how to bring human subjects into scenic images for environmental portraits or concept shots.  The first is scheduled for early November, but due to high demand it is looking like he is already needing to get a second session running [ continue reading ]

A Familiar Jetty Re-Visited

I felt like a dusk shoot tonight, and knowing that the tide would be high at the time I wanted to shoot, I headed to a jetty I have photographed a few times before.  I had never been there at twilight, nor been there when the tide was high; but this is definitely a location [ continue reading ]

Kiama Dawn of Death

On 16/05/2010 my photography mate Peter and I headed down to Kiama for some dawn seascape photography.  Beyond the famous Kiama blow hole is a basalt rock headland extending a fair way out and affording some spectacular views from a reasonably high distance from the water.  The conditions that morning were somewhat deceptive.  That weekend [ continue reading ]

Berrima Shoot with Sarah

Yesterday I headed down to Berrima in the NSW Southern Highlands for an afternoon portrait session in the country with Sarah.  The theme was country girl, and for a while leading up the shoot I had a particular type of shot and setting in mind.  The challenge was to find a location that resembled what [ continue reading ]