Articles - August, 2010

Post-Processing Tutorial: "The Narrabeen Gorge"

In July I headed to Narrabeen for a Sunday dawn shoot.  Narrabeen and nearby Turimetta is a location that I have photographed a few times before, but on this day the sky was moody.  One of my stand-out captures of the morning is The Narrabeen Gorge.  Here it is: On this particular morning the conditions [ continue reading ]

Cloud Cover Prediction Tool

I picked up a real gem from Brent's blog last weekend.  He has learned of a Web-based tool called SkippySky Astro-Weather Forecast, which shows a visual map of cloud cover, including percentages, with breakdown of cloud cover (ie, high, middle, low and total).  This tool might prove very handy for seascape/landscape photographers who, like myself [ continue reading ]

Landscape Workshops by Kajo Merkert

Kajo Merkert, a photography mate of mine and fantastic seascape photographer, has embarked upon providing intensive landscape/seascape photography workshops in Sydney.  Kajo's first workshop is scheduled for September, 2010.  He will announce dates shortly, so keep an eye on his blog for more details.  His blog contains full details of what the workshop will cover [ continue reading ]

Sexy Jess

I had another portrait session today.  One of the models I photographed was Jess.  We decided to do a sexy/sultry theme, and she worked hard, struck some great poses and allowed me to capture pleasing images.  I shot a lot of pictures of Jess, but this one would be one of the stand-out images from [ continue reading ]

Equipment I Use - Lighting

Following on from part one of a three-article series about the equipment I use, in this article I will discuss the lighting equipment I use.  Some people might be thinking "Wait, you are a seascaper — why do you need lighting equipment?", and fair enough; but seascaping is not all I do; I also shoot [ continue reading ]

Camp Cove Twilight

Most of my outdoor landscape/seascape photography takes place around dawn.  Tonight I broke with tradition and shot at dusk.  Sure, I am still incredibly fussy about light and tend to avoid the bright, glary stuff which is present for most daylight hours, but dusk produces some pleasing results and is much easier on the system [ continue reading ]