Articles - July, 2010

The UV Filter Debate

The debate about the use of ultra-violet (UV) filters (or not) is one of those issues which polarises (pardon the pun) the photography community.  There have probably been more arguments over use of UV filters than there have been Canon vs.  Nikon skirmishes.  My own position on the use of UV filters is well documented [ continue reading ]

Equipment I Use - Camera and Lenses

As a photographer I believe that the ability of a person to capture photographic images is more important than the equipment used in the process.  However, and somewhat at odds with that ideal, I also believe that quality equipment is a vital part of the ingredients that go into producing a great image.  Put simply [ continue reading ]

A Nice Morning in the Gong

A few of my seascaping mates and I headed down to Wollongong Harbour at dawn this morning for a seascape shoot.  The forecast was for periodic showers, and driving down in the dark, I experienced downpours and the occasional flash of lightning.  I looked at the sky, and was delighted to see clear patches here [ continue reading ]

My Approach to Image Storage and Backups

In a digital age, and especially with photography being so prolific these days, an important issue for photographers to consider is their approach to file storage and backups.  I have been photographing digitally since 2002, and in my early days I found a method of filesystem organisation which works well for me.  My backup strategy [ continue reading ]

What Goes into my Seascapes

I have lately received some very big compliments about my seascapes from people on the Internet, some of whom have expressed their desire or dream to be able to do what I do.  It got me thinking.  While it is incredibly humbling and satisfying to receive such nice, genuine compliments, what I do is not [ continue reading ]

The Making of "Drinking Problem"

Some time after I created my image Wine is a Primary Industry, I set out to create a new image, also exploring the theme of liquid in wine glasses, but this time with something more.  The result was Drinking Problem.  This image took me over three hours to create, as a fair bit of setup [ continue reading ]