Articles - 2010

Summer Sunset over Long Reef

Until this week I had not shot a seascape (or much of anything) for quite a few months.  I have been on a hiatus of sorts, and generally disinterested in photographing or being involved with much concerning photography.  On Wednesday night I took Brisbanite Dave to Long Reef, a location on Sydney's Northern Beaches which [ continue reading ]

Lonely Path

I took Dave for a dusk seascape shoot at Long Reef yesterday evening (my first seascape shoot in many months), and while we captured some pleasing images of a beautiful sunset on the reef (more images to come later), it was on our way back up the headland that I spotted a scene, combined with [ continue reading ]

Hay Bale in the Approaching Storm

After a nice Boxing Day at Gerroa's Seven Mile Beach after a morning visit to the Kiama Blow Hole, we headed south unintentionally, and happened across Mountain Ridge Wines towards Shoalhaven Heads.  This was one of the scenes I photographed there.  Our timing was splendid indeed, as a large storm system that had been building [ continue reading ]

Storm Cell over Manly

We went over to Manly on Sunday afternoon (19 December, 2010) for a social gathering when a very dramatic storm system blew over from the west.  Here is how it appeared from my vantage point: Please forgive my lack of dynamic composition, style or execution with this image; I was not there for landscape photography [ continue reading ]

Kuwait Government Bans DSLRs

Yes, you read it right.  In an almost hilarious act of utter retardation, in Kuwait, the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Finance have decreed that photography should be used for journalism only, and as a result, DSLRs have been banned in public places.  Of course, we all know that DSLRs [ continue reading ]

Brent Pearson's Off-Camera Flash Workshop

Last Sunday I attended the first session of Brent Pearson's latest workshop, this time covering off-camera flash, and shooting environmental or landscape-based portraits.  Now, I am not new to shooting landscapes, models or using off-camera lighting, but I always like to attend such workshops, as it rounds out my knowledge and experience, and I get [ continue reading ]