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Back from Africa

We are back in town, after a long flight from Johannesburg yesterday, which concluded the trip of a lifetime.  Due to a busy schedule and intermittent, slow or non-existent Internet access in South Africa, I have not been updating this blog to highlight what we have seen and done.  Now that we are back, and [ continue reading ]

Afrika se Nag Lug

One of the images I wanted to create during a four-day safari in Kruger Park, South Africa, was ironically not an image of the stunning wildlife, but a landscape image.  The Timbavati region of Kruger Park is a very diverse territory, with lush green foliage, as well as many dead or dead-like trees.  During a [ continue reading ]

Our African Safari: A Brief Teaser

It is well after 9pm here in Johannesburg, and we have returned this afternoon from the Timbavati region of Kruger Park in Mpumalanga province, South Africa, where we have spent an intense four days in the wilds of Africa, seeing, hearing, experiencing and photographing the amazing wildlife which inhabits the area.  Tonight we experienced an emotional [ continue reading ]

Off to South Africa Tomorrow

The eve of our departure has come: Tomorrow, we fly to South Africa for an intense, once-in-a-lifetime trip.  Our four-day private photographic safari in Kruger Park, Mpumalanga, begins on Thursday.  Leading us into an amazing world full of majestic creatures, quintessential African landscapes and amazing photographic opportunities is our crack-shot team of Mario Moreno and Chad [ continue reading ]

Africa Trip Developments

Since I first announced our upcoming trip to Africa, we have been busy planning and preparing.  We have finalised a private photographic safari in the Timbavati region of Kruger Park, South Africa, with excellent landscape/wildlife photographer Mario Moreno.  Check out his work.  It is going to be a truly awesome safari, with up-close access to [ continue reading ]

We Are off to Israel too!

It has been barely two days since I announced our trip to Africa in the coming months, but tonight we have also booked a separate trip to Israel in January.  It has been twelve years since I have been overseas, and in two days we have booked two trips, both to take place three months [ continue reading ]