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Photography Competitions: Not Worth Bothering

I am frustrated.  Extremely frustrated.  I have come back from another competition night at my camera club, where I failed to pick up a single award (I entered three images) despite favourable comments from the judge.  This has been a constant theme this year.  For the last two months (and for most months this year) [ continue reading ]

Photographers: Fight for your Freedom

As many photographers would know, the establishment (and even the general public) has been gradually but surely eroding our rights as photographers to photograph who and what is around us.  Areas such as the Sydney Harbour foreshore and Uluru are strictly regulated as far as photography is concerned.  In many cases it is no longer [ continue reading ]

The True Value of an Image

I have been involved in a discussion elsewhere which has delved into the matter of people providing critique on other people's images.  It has materialised that some people do not feel they can or should comment on other people's images if they feel they lack experience, artistry and technical know-how.  Myself and some other commentators [ continue reading ]

Got a Nice Image? Print it!

I have never been one to indulge in photographic prints, but I have captured two seascapes this year which I count amongst my best work, and which I really wanted to hang on my walls.  I have a somewhat dated (but still very capable) Epson Photo Stylus R210 photographic ink-jet printer (I bought it in [ continue reading ]