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Photographic Purgery

I have just been purging — that is, the culling of no-longer-desirable photographic images from my gallery, not the more serious meaning of the word.  This morning when looking through my gallery, I saw some older images of mine, and started to think about culling them.  It can be quite difficult to look back on [ continue reading ]

To Shoot or Not to Shoot

I headed out for a dawn seascape shoot this morning, and to my disappointment, the conditions were appalling.  The sky was mostly plain, with the fairly typical annoying clump of dark cloud right on the horizon.  The very few patches of good cloud were mostly in the wrong places.  The conditions, apart from being utterly [ continue reading ]

Some Thoughts on HDR Imaging

The concept of HDR (high dynamic range) imaging is something that either elicits glee or horror.  Over the last few years, thanks to software such as Photomatix Pro, it has been possible to automatically produce composite images using bracketed exposures in order to bring out rich detail which is impossible for a camera to capture [ continue reading ]

Graduated Neutral-Density Filters in the Digital Age

Graduated neutral-density (GND) filters were used in the days of film to lower the contrast (sometimes expressed as 'dynamic range') in a scene.  When shooting a landscape or seascape image (especially when shooting towards a rising or setting sun), the difference in brightness between land (or sea) and sky can be significantly different, in the [ continue reading ]

Kuwait Government Bans DSLRs

Yes, you read it right.  In an almost hilarious act of utter retardation, in Kuwait, the Ministry of Information, Ministry of Social Affairs and Ministry of Finance have decreed that photography should be used for journalism only, and as a result, DSLRs have been banned in public places.  Of course, we all know that DSLRs [ continue reading ]

Abstract Interpretation vs. Literal Depiction

In my previous article I related how I took a group of photographers from my camera club to Turimetta for a dawn seascape shoot.  In an article I published three days earlier I expressed my frustration and dissatisfaction with the state of camera club-level photography competitions.  It was only between 5am and 6am this morning [ continue reading ]