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Luxurious Hydration

Lately we have been buying and drinking a lot of wine.  Tough life, I know.  The cellar — actually a climate-controlled refrigerator specifically for wine — has got rather full, and I have lately felt inspired to photograph some of the good stuff.  For inspiration I had been looking at other marketing-style images of wine [ continue reading ]

Hawaiian Mercury

It has been a few weeks since I have been out for a photoshoot, and this afternoon I felt a desire to create an image.  I decided to re-visit water droplet macro photography, so I set about rigging a 'studio' to shoot some water droplets of water.  Here is the result: In my initial setup [ continue reading ]

The Making of "The Smoking Gun"

Almost five years ago to this date, an old Flickr contact of mine, Rich Legg, created a photographic image of a smoking gun.  I was impressed, and I commented on his image at the time.  I recently decided to have a go at this type of shot myself, and did so today.  Rich used a [ continue reading ]

Contrasting Conditions at Turimetta

Here are two vastly different images from the same dawn seascape shoot at Turimetta last Tuesday.  The first image above was taken shortly after arrival, and in the pre-dawn darkness, the moving water is abstracted to the point where its movement is almost invisible.  A sense of calm is evoked as the clump of seaweed [ continue reading ]

Feature Article in Australian Photography Magazine - November, 2011

A few months ago, I was asked by Robert Keeley, the editor of Australian Photography magazine, if I would consider writing a feature for the magazine.  I had sent some images for the magazine's competition, and when he received them for review, he saw a story in one of the images.  The image which captured [ continue reading ]

Lonely Darkroom: Light Painting Revisited

Here is a nocturnal urban landscape I shot at Sydney's Middle Head Fort using creative light painting techniques back in 2009.  I had never published it until now.  To create this image I used a combination of fluorescent white light and a red cold cathode light to illuminate the bunker in the night sky to [ continue reading ]