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Back Online with a New Hard Disk

After my recent hard disk woes, my computer is back online.  Yesterday I booked an appointment with the Apple Genius Bar and took my machine there.  I explained to the rep the system freeze I had experienced during an innocuous operation, and that during my diagnosis the disk repair utility decided it could not repair [ continue reading ]

Semi-Offline for a While

I will be semi-offline for an unknown period of time.  Tonight after returning from an interstate trip my MacBook Pro decided to lock up during a browser bookmarking activity and it refused to boot after I powered it off.  It sits at the grey screen indefinitely.  I tried repairing the disk, and the disk repair [ continue reading ]

iPhone Alarm Bug during Daylight Savings Time

This week I discovered an annoying problem with the alarm clock built into the iPhone.  Last night I had the alarm set to 6:50pm, but it went off one hour earlier.  This afternoon I tried setting it for a specified time, and discovered it did not go off at the specified time.  I looked around [ continue reading ]

My Approach to Image Storage and Backups

In a digital age, and especially with photography being so prolific these days, an important issue for photographers to consider is their approach to file storage and backups.  I have been photographing digitally since 2002, and in my early days I found a method of filesystem organisation which works well for me.  My backup strategy [ continue reading ]

The Dawn of a New Day

Welcome to what, for me, is a new adventure and a new outlet as part of my photographic experience.  As I have become more and more involved in various photographic communities, I have been inspired to create my own blog in order to share: images I have captured; the adventures behind my photographic outings; general [ continue reading ]