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Removing GPS Information from Images

Modern cameras, including those built into smartphones, have the ability to record the GPS coordinates of the location at which an image was captured.  One of the features that I love about my Canon EOS 5D Mark IV is its in-built GPS receiver, which I enable when shooting.  I like to record the exact position [ continue reading ]

Instagram Presence

The image-driven social networking site Instagram has been on my mind for a while, and I have been mentally debating with myself whether to establish a presence there.  I always saw it as a site for mostly non-photographers to instantly publish random images of anything and everything, captured on the move with a mobile phone-based [ continue reading ]

Image Statistics

For quite some time, I have been wanting to gather the EXIF data from all of my published images, and produce some statistics on various criteria such as exposure settings and equipment used.  During a recent period of renewed creative energy in the form of computer programming rather than photography, over the past month I finally [ continue reading ]

500px: Amusing Alignment

One of the photographic image hosting/gallery sites on which I participate is 500px.  I tend to browse through the 'Popular' image pages on a regular basis.  These pages show previews of 20 of the most popular images, ranked in order of popularity.  Tonight I discovered a rather amusing alignment of two separate images by two [ continue reading ]

Long-Overdue Memory Upgrade

I have just performed a long-overdue RAM upgrade on my mid-2009 MacBook Pro 17".  When I ordered it in mid-2009, I ordered it equipped with 4GB of RAM (2 x 2GB DIMMs).  At the time, equipping it with its maximum of 8GB was considerably expensive.  Three and a half years later, I have doubled my [ continue reading ]

Sanity-Saving Tips for Mac OS X Upgrades

On the past two occasions on which I have upgraded my Mac's operating system to the latest release, I have encountered show-stopping problems after the upgrade.  When upgrading from OS X 10.7.2 to 10.7.3, upon rebooting and logging in, the menu bar, buttons and other user interface elements were graphically messed up with 'test pattern'-like [ continue reading ]