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Sexy Jess

I had another portrait session today.  One of the models I photographed was Jess.  We decided to do a sexy/sultry theme, and she worked hard, struck some great poses and allowed me to capture pleasing images.  I shot a lot of pictures of Jess, but this one would be one of the stand-out images from [ continue reading ]

Camp Cove Twilight

Most of my outdoor landscape/seascape photography takes place around dawn.  Tonight I broke with tradition and shot at dusk.  Sure, I am still incredibly fussy about light and tend to avoid the bright, glary stuff which is present for most daylight hours, but dusk produces some pleasing results and is much easier on the system [ continue reading ]

The Making of "Fire or Flood?"

In November of 2009 I attended the first of Brent Pearson's light painting workshops, which consisted of an afternoon of theory, followed by an evening of creative light painting landscape photography.  Fire or Flood?  was my image of the night, created as a result of a collaborative effort at the capture phase.  Here it is [ continue reading ]

A Nice Morning in the Gong

A few of my seascaping mates and I headed down to Wollongong Harbour at dawn this morning for a seascape shoot.  The forecast was for periodic showers, and driving down in the dark, I experienced downpours and the occasional flash of lightning.  I looked at the sky, and was delighted to see clear patches here [ continue reading ]

The Narrabeen Gorge

Not far from Narrabeen tidal pool is a gorge into which the ocean plunges its contents, producing big splashes and water cascades.  On Sunday morning I was fortunate enough to capture this scene in all it glory, under a moody, yet colourful sky.  I wanted dark, moody drama with a churning ocean and water cascading [ continue reading ]

Finally, a Good Sky

I headed out to Narrabeen and Turimetta for a dawn seascape with a group of friends from AusPhotography, and finally was greeted with a good sky.  Of the numerous dawn shoots that I have done this year, this is the fourth good sky that I have seen.  It has been a struggle, and immensely frustrating [ continue reading ]