Photographic Mojo MIA

I have come to the realisation that my photographic mojo is missing in action.

During the past six to eight months, I have not spent a lot of time in the field.

The notable exception was our huge African trip last October, where wildlife photography — quite a deviation from my usual subject matter — was a massive part of that, and I came away with some extremely pleasing images and life-changing, unforgettable experiences.

Upon our return, I went on on seascaping session with a friend, who has got more into seascaping.  I was not pleased with my images from that morning, and consequently never published them.  I have not shot a seascape since.

For quite a few years, seascape imagery was my bread and butter, as it were.  I would be out almost weekly or fortnightly, chasing pre-dawn images by the ocean.

We have recently returned from Israel, where I shot architectural interiors and the odd landscape.  I landed some images I have wanted.

However, since returning, I have not been motivated to shoot at all.

Being on six weeks' leave, I have had plenty of time and opportunity, but I have elected not to bother heading out.

Right now my headspace is not so much pre-occupied with other matters; it is just not in gear for photography at all.  Maybe next week I will head out for a dusk/twilight cityscape shoot, but it is telling that I have not bothered to shoot at all.  Usually on my annual leave, I like to get out there at times when the schedules of daily life are not obstacles; but no, not this time.

Let us hope my mojo returns.  Right now, it is missing in action.

I have had these periods of downtime quite a few times now, and I recognise that I simply have to weather the storm, and wait until I get the itch again.  The most difficult part is not knowing when that desire will return.  It is not gone; it is just on holiday for an unspecified period.

Published on Saturday, 26 January, 2013.