Intense Week in Sabi Sand

We are back in Johannesburg now after an intense and emotional seven-day wildlife photographic safari in the Sabi Sand Game Reserve, South Africa.

Every day in the African bush is different.  Every game drive is different.  Every trip is different.  No matter how many times we do this, it is always intense, exciting and enormously rewarding.

Additionally, this trip was a trip of many first-time sightings and experiences.

Over the coming weeks and months, as I publish more images and document what we have seen and experienced, I will provide detailed accounts of each day; but in the mean time, here are the highlights:

  1. leopard sightings every day, and on two occasions, two or three individuals in one day).
  2. five unique leopards (and possibly a sixth; to be confirmed);
  3. a leopard cub;
  4. the quintessential view of a leopard on a mound in warm afternoon light;
  5. four sightings of African wild dogs (critically endangered and uncommon to see);
  6. curious interactions between hyenas and African wild dogs;
  7. lions drinking from a watering hole at twilight;
  8. mating lions;
  9. several sightings of critically-endangered white rhinos;
  10. a leopard making a kill, scrambling up a tree and devouring her meal;
  11. a mother leopard and cub feeding;
  12. a kill and hyena commotion in the pre-dawn, right outside our rondavel;
  13. fighting zebras;
  14. many species of wildlife that we had never seen before; and
  15. a bush walk in the lowveld.

It was a magical trip, and I look forward to re-living it as I document the amazing sights and experiences that we had.

Published on Sunday, 6 November, 2022.