Revisiting our 2019 Kenya Trip

Yesterday I decided to start looking back through the many thousands of images I captured during our most recent trip to Kenya in 2019.

It has now been over two years since that wonderful trip, and sometimes, in the excitement of the 'now', it is easy to overlook images that should have published.

Additionally, the benefit of time away from the subject, the place and the images can also allow one to see things differently.

So far, I have published two previously unpublished images from that trip, and in the coming days, weeks and perhaps months, I may find more images that are worth publishing.

Revisiting these images allows me to virtually revisit a place that I love, which current world-wide circumstances do not allow me to do.

Here is what I have published so far.

Image: Rolling


This is female cheetah Amani in the process of rolling, as she spends some time resting in the late afternoon in the Mara North Conservancy, Kenya.

Amongst the loves of cats is height, and rolling around.  Here, Amani has the best of both worlds.

For cheetahs in particular, heights such as this mound provide great vantage points for surveying their surrounding territory for potential threats and prey.

Image: Age and Experience

Age and Experience

This is a large, solitary elephant bull which we encountered on our first game drive in the Mara North Conservancy of Kenya during June of 2019.

He is an impressive big-tusker, and he clearly has years of age and experience behind him.

During this encounter, sensing that we were no threat, he wandered right up to within mere metres of our 4WD before turning to pass it.

We encountered this same elephant some days later, and again stopped to spend some time with him.

Published on Thursday, 22 July, 2021.