Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2020: End of the Road

In my last update about the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year 2020 competition, I related my experience of having one of my images selected from the Top 101.

Unfortunately, that was the end of the road for me, for this year at least, as my image did not make it into the final selection.

This was the image which was chosen:

Image: Rock Hyraxes

Rock Hyraxes

I never expected to win, and I certainly did not expect to progress as far as I did.

It remains quite an honour to have one of my images make it to the top 101 images of many thousands entered, especially as I do not live in Africa, have only been photographing in Africa since 2012, and was competing against many wildlife photographers far more experienced than I.

Subsequent to the competition, Africa Geographic approached me to seek permission to use two of my images its in-house online banner displays, which are intended to send encouraging messages, request people to support charities, invite them to go on safaris (or, as is the case for now, postpone rather than cancel their safaris).

Normally I do not license my images to other individuals and organisations, but in this case, I made an exception, as Africa has given so much to me, and in these challenging times, we all need to help each other.

After my recent experience with this competition, I intend to have another go at the Africa Geographic Photographer of the Year competition next year.  I certainly have a fair chance.

Published on Sunday, 28 June, 2020.