Instagram Presence

The image-driven social networking site Instagram has been on my mind for a while, and I have been mentally debating with myself whether to establish a presence there.

I always saw it as a site for mostly non-photographers to instantly publish random images of anything and everything, captured on the move with a mobile phone-based camera.

Picture girls posing in front of mirrors, plates of food, cats doing amusing things, etc.

I wondered if it had any value for fine-art photographers.

I also considered that it would be yet another presence to maintain, and frankly, I have a minimalist approach to Internet presences.

Fortunately, to my delight, I have discovered that many serious photographers I follow also established presences on Instagram, and they are posting many of the images I see on more photography-focused sites.

So, this week, I took the plunge and established my own presence on Instagram.

It is something new for me, and the way it works is vastly different to any other imaging site on which I have, or have had, a presence.  I am slowly getting used to it, but I am sure there is a whole world of great images out there for me to discover, and I sure have plenty of my own to publish there.

Published on Friday, 30 October, 2015.